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… and welcome to my humble blog. I am a hobby writer trying to get a little exposure going. I’ll be updating this blog with all the little and not so little things I am writing. You may encounter horror, fantasy, science fiction, poetry, and more.

My writing often ranges from the dark and humoristic to the outright grim. Content warnings will be provided.

Feedback and interactions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a good day. Stay hydrated and stuff.


New Blog

  • Some Writerly Introspection
    What the cookie-cutter crap is going on here? you could say, looking at the Point of View character in my current writing project Neozoon. Another white, straight, cis male? How come such a small minority is still taking up so much screen-time? Yeah, well. You got me there. And listen, I’m also baffled. But here … Continue reading Some Writerly Introspection
  • Waiting for Sunrise
    I like to read cyberpunk but I don’t like to live it. Only a few more hours until it’s officially 2021? And that is after a year of rising fascism, poverty, number of refugees all around the world, successful nuclear fusion tests, European countries at the brink of war, a whole-ass pandemic, lockdowns of public … Continue reading Waiting for Sunrise
  • Fridged
    With depression, some days are good, and some days are bad. And some days you try to open the freezer but grab the handle to the fridge, and slam the door right into your face. Sigh. And then you go write a blog post about it because what’s a good fuck-up if it goes undocumented.

New Writing

New Art

  • Neozoon – Part 7
    When the movement whispered through the tunnel, it wasn’t unexpected. Carter still started. He tapped Cheka’s arm and she made a quiet noise, indicating she’d heard, too. She’d woken up some time ago, or rather, stopped being unconscious. That’d been a relief. A small but significant improvement of their situation. After a few minutes, though, … Continue reading Neozoon – Part 7
  • Neozoon – Part 6
    Content Warnings in the tags. Carter raced them through the woods at a pace that, if there’d been a god, should’ve killed them. He had the fleeting thought that the contractor who showed him how to drive would be proud- or extremely horrified, the way he hit a larger rock swerving out of the way … Continue reading Neozoon – Part 6
  • Neozoon – Part 5
    Content Warnings in the tags. There was silence in his head. Again. The Ascension soldiers had taken his Anicom back when they’d kidnapped him, but then they’d given him a new one, and Carter had forgotten how bad it felt not to be able to communicate with a tap of his finger. How frightening it … Continue reading Neozoon – Part 5
  • Neozoon – Part 4
    Content Warnings in the tags. He made it three months and ten days before Carter stopped counting and found a new metric to measure the progress of his insanity: days off. Mostly, Carter took them as an opportunity to lie facedown on his bunk. Sometimes, he slept. Most of the time, though, he worked his … Continue reading Neozoon – Part 4
  • Neozoon – Part 3
    Carter continued to not see shit. Well, not quite- his appointed personal drill instructor made sure Carter saw a whole lot of the improvised obstacle course, and a whole lot more of the man’s boots. The first day, after having spent the entirety of it running, doing push-ups, and hauling water canisters around, ended with … Continue reading Neozoon – Part 3
  • Character Sketch Dump
    I’ve been digging through my old notes and sketches looking for a character I want to incorporate into my next project. This guy has had a transformation! I want to go back, though, to the roots, before I make yet another iteration. Since every version of this character is slightly different, if I don’t circle … Continue reading Character Sketch Dump
  • New Kids On The Block
    I did it! I finished a thing! Earlier this year I started writing a short story, titled Neozoon, centered around two of my D&D characters I’ve imported into a scifi setting. This week I finally finished it. It’s not very long, only around 15k words, but for me it is still a big accomplishment. I … Continue reading New Kids On The Block

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